The Academy from the Health Performance Institute

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We are glad you are here.

The Academy is a new paradigm on health, one focused on the four major aspects of health: Food, Sleep, Stress and Exercise.

Within this website we have a 12-module course covering the following:

  • The right way to eat for optimizing health and metabolism. Nearly all dietary and health programs focus on two things: How much food you eat and how much exercise you do. I’ll get to the exercise part in a second. But when it comes to food, it’s not only the AMOUNT of food you eat, it’s also the KIND of food you eat. Of course you know that, but did you also know: You can eat foods that you like and be less hungry? I’m guessing probably not. But it is true. And obviously, when you are less hungry you eat less food. So you consume fewer calories. As a nice bonus (actually a really nice bonus), this also happens to optimize your metabolism.
  • We also help you sleep better. I’m betting that you walk around sleep-deprived more often than not. And it would feel so awesome to be well-rested. Guess what? Feeling tired and sleepy is only part of the problem. A lack of good, quality sleep puts you at risk for every chronic condition known to man. Not only that, your acute senses are hampered too, which means you are more likely to have some kind of an accident. That’s the bad news. The good news is that with a few tweaks, an understanding of why you struggle to be rested (and it’s not because of your schedule or needing to go to bed earlier), you can use a few of our tools and sleep better almost immediately. No joke!
  • We help you manage stress better. Chronic stress on the body is a deal killer. It’s bad news. But completely eliminating stress is not possible, nor is it optimal – intermittent levels of stress are ok. It’s the chronic that is bad. There are many ways we help you manage stress – from dealing with food choices, doing the right kinds of exercise to proven techniques of managing stress, we have you covered. As an example, our monthly update questionnaire indicates that stress levels drop about 20% after being in the The Academy for one month. This is really cool and shows a sneaky way we help you deal with stress. Sneaky because all we cover in the first month is how and why the body gets hungry. Stress isn’t even a topic at this point yet!
  • There is SO MUCH information available on exercise, it can be hard to decipher! But our approach to exercise is a little different. Certainly, exercise is important. But there is a tendency to emphasize how many calories we burn during an exercise session, rather than focusing on something more important: HOW your body burned those calories. This is important because it goes a long way toward optimizing your metabolism – which means your body is better at using both fat and sugar to “burn” calories. Through research, we know that we can exercise in certain ways to improve this and our recommendations do this.
So who will benefit from enrolling in The Academy?

Anyone, really.

But this program was developed to help a few specific groups of people:

  • Busy schedule? Lots of obligations? Want something effective and easy to implement? Check, check, check. The results come quickly and following the recommendations only gets easier.
  • Suffering from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or acid reflux? A major objective of The Academy is to improve your health so your body no longer needs prescription medication to control these conditions. We have been very successful at doing this. In fact, we have helped MANY people get to a point where, in consultation with their personal physician, they no longer need prescription medication! (Note: We are not medical doctors nor are we your personal physician. The decision to change or remove medication from your regimen is between you and your physician.)
  • If you are at risk for any of the above, then definitely! It is ALWAYS better to “nip this in the bud” so you don’t get diagnosed with one of these conditions. Whether you have a family history or you have been told you are “pre-” one of these conditions, the time to address it is now. Otherwise, it gets harder once the diagnosis has been made.
  • If you are kind of a sciencey-nerdy food or health person. Another way to say this: If Alton Brown is your favorite person on the Food Network, you’ll love The Academy. We get into the science of your body – how it functions and why we make these recommendations. It’s not like you need a background in chemistry, physiology or biology to understand what we cover – because we bridge that gap in our readings, seminars, presentations and all materials – but we find our members appreciate these explanations. And based on the thousands attending Alton Brown shows, there is an appetite for this knowledge!


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